As some of you may have already noticed, we have extended the length of MBE certifications to three years.  On Feb 1, 2014, we updated our processes for MBE certification and recertification’s.  In the past, businesses were certified for one year and had to complete the recertification process at the end of that year.

The new certification policy change is beneficial to you in the following ways:

  • Certifications will now be valid for three years.
  • Certificates will expire on the certification anniversary date (which is the day and month the certification was approved), instead of the last day of the year.
  • Annual Information Updates can be completed each year online.


1. Annual Information Updates will be required of every firm that has been certified in the program.  The information will be required within 60 days of the anniversary date.

Annual Information updates will consist of providing the most recent information on your firm, such as;

a.            Contact information

b.            Gross Receipts for the year and other financial information

c.             number of employees

You must accept the terms of the Certification Affidavit online in order to complete the Annual Information Update.


2. Recertification will be required at the end of the 3 year term and within 30 days of the certification expiration date.

Recertification will consist of the following processes;

a.            Verifying that all business information is accurate and complete for Submission (Online).

b.            Submitting required documents, which include; Past 3 years business taxes and most current business financials such as, Profit/Loss statement and Balance Sheet Online.

You must accept the terms of the Certification Affidavit online in order to complete the Recertification.


Reminder notices will be sent to you by email indicating when it’s time to complete the Annual Information Updates and Recertification.  Notices for Annual Information Updates will be sent out approximately 60 days before they are due, and notices for Recertification will be send out approximately 30 days before they are due. 


We at the Wisconsin Supplier Diversity Program hope this new certification term will be more efficient for you as you pursue contract opportunities with the State of WI.

Please contact us with any questions regarding this information at:, or by phone at: 608.267.9550.

Thank you.


The Wisconsin Supplier Diversity Program.